Leadership Team

After earning a B. S. in Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1968, Jim Lindsley found out quickly that teaching high school math was not going to support his family for the long term. His year of teaching in Matthews, NC had been very gratifying. Walking away from teaching was quite a disappointment; however, since he had not majored in education, Lindsley was teaching with a ‘B’ certificate. This meant a lower salary than most teachers and with no summer supplementary pay. “There has to be a better way” would become a recurring theme in Jim’s life. (Read More)

Kevin’s construction experience started early in life during a major remodel of his family home from a one story 1,600 square foot home to a two story 4,200 square foot home. He spent six months digging bearing wall trenches, hammering nails, and sleeping in one room with 3 brothers and a sister. Who would have known that 40 years later, he would meet the man that had engineered a better solution to the same problem: Jim Lindsley and his Spiral Incremental Construction design! (Read More)

Like many earnest boys, Marc became interested in engineering and construction while building models and tree houses, but was particularly drawn to gas powered wooden airplanes and miniature rockets. Later on, most likely due to his interest in complex mathematics, he became more and more drawn to the electrical side and went to school to become an electrical engineer. Marc graduated early in 1981 from Cornell University and moved to the Silicon Valley to work for defense and instrumentation companies. (Read More)