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SpirInCo Spiral Building Design Example

All SpirInCo buildings are easily expandable around a central core. The building is analogous to a spiral staircase. However, instead of each successively higher level being a step around a post, each higher level is a section (i.e., room or wing) of the building. Once one complete revolution has been made, the next section will start the second revolution and it will be one story higher than the first section of the first revolution.

A hexagonal (six-sided) 6-level building would have a hexagonal core and six sections around the core completing a revolution. The lowest level would be called level 1. Level 1 through level 6 would comprise the first revolution. There would be three step-ups to each higher level. A seventh level, level 7, could be added directly over level 1. If level 8 through level 12 are added, this building would then have 2 full revolutions and two full stories.

LEED Certified - Green Building Of The Future (Hi-Speed Video Demo)

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There are a variety of possibilities available with SpirInCo configured structures for both commercial and residential use. They include:

* 8-sided (octagonal)
* 6-sided (hexagonal)
* 5-sided (pentagonal)
* 4-sided (square & rectangular)

This slideshow contains exterior and interior images of a 7 level SpirInCo spiral construction design This floor plan was designed for a residential home.

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