SpirInCo Definitions

SpirInCo "Terminology" Definitions and Descriptions

  • Core

    • The central area/room of a building around which the rest of the building spirals upward. Usually a core houses utility, maintenance, & mechanical units on the first floor; the first floor of the core also makes an excellent ‘safe-room’.


  • Core Cap

    • The roof over the top story of the core.


  • Face

    • One exterior side of a building-usually a straight wall that can be parts of two levels.


  • Footprint

    • The outline or base of a building where the foundation meets the ground. This is a common expression for any building.


  • Increment

    • The amount of vertical difference between consecutive levels of a building.


  • Leading Edge

    • The ‘drop-down’ of the roof-line from the highest section of a building to the lowest. This gets its name from the fact that it is where the next expansion will begin. This is always over a radial wall.


  • Level

    • A single story area of a section. There can be one level in a section or multiple levels, stacked a story apart.


  • Profile

    • A side view, or cross section, of a building. (Silhouette)


  • Radial Wall

    • A wall that extends from the core of a building out to the exterior.


  • Rafter-wall Spacer

    • A spacing component that has the same thickness as a radial wall that is positioned over a radial wall, with the top sloping like rafters.


  • Revolution

    • A series of consecutive levels that make up 360° around the core.


  • Section

    • A portion (wing) of a building that extends from the core of the building to the outside walls. Sections are areas between radial walls. A Section can consist of one or more level.


  • Story

    • Same meaning as with traditional buildings.

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