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LEED Certified Green Buildings

Environmental responsibility and resource efficiency are key ingredients in the design of SpirInCo buildings.  As LEED accredited professionals, SpirInCo applies knowledge of the rating system into the overall design of each building. To further increase the LEED rating, there are options for additional features that can be easily incorporated into the design.

United States Patent Information

There are many advantages in a SpirInCo designed building.  Our patented spiral construction floor plans can be adapted for use to fill any commercial or residential need.  We are looking for companies who are interested in licensing our patented designs.  Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Detailed SpirInCo Building Designs

Our VIP section includes detailed spiral construction drawings and information. Designs include layouts for residential homes, commercial offices, multipurpose use buildings and more.  The resources available include interior and exterior drawings, color images and videos.

Gain Access To Full Detailed Content Regarding SpirInCo Patented Building Designs

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