Why SpirInCo?

Why "SpirInCo" Spiral Incremental Construction?

Most companies achieve success by solving a widespread problem. SpirInCo was built on a solution developed to address many of the problems companies face with building design and construction in today's environment.
Until now, businesses or families that anticipate future growth have had 3 options. They can…

1) buy or construct more building than is initially needed. This can be very wasteful - particularly if growth is slower than expected or doesn't happen at all.

2) buy or construct what is needed now and plan to 'add-on' by traditional methods when the time comes. Traditional expansion usually takes many months; and it's messy, wasteful, expensive, and stressful. It compromises security during construction, and reduces heating and cooling efficiency during and after the process.

3) plan to relocate when the initial facilities are outgrown. The expense and stress of relocating for any family or business are well known!
Now there is the SpirInCo alternative…start out with an appropriately sized SpirInCo building that's configured to facilitate future expansions with minimal disruption, cost, or stress.

SpirInCo Buildings are configured to enable rapid, efficient, and environmentally friendly additions. Whether a building is a private home or a commercial property, SpirInCo's 'spiraling' expansion process maintains the aesthetic appeal without requiring elaborate redesign by an architect - all in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction. Unlike typical 'sprawling' building additions, which commonly decrease heating and cooling efficiency, SpirInCo's 'spiraling' growth results in an expanded building that operates with increasing efficiency with each expansion.

Start Green, Grow Greener With Sustainable Adaptability
In these times, if 'green' isn't a must, it certainly is a huge plus when considering an investment opportunity. Any green technology that can be applied to traditionally constructed buildings can certainly be incorporated into a SpirInCo building. But even before applying green technologies offered by eco-friendly materials and appliances, SpirInCo buildings themselves are inherently green simply by their shape. Exterior exposure for a given amount of interior space is minimal - thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. Additions to the already green structures are as green as they could possibly be - instead of demolition that results in wasted materials, there is disassembly and reassembly. Materials aren't discarded. And, when the size of a SpirInCo building increases, so does its operating efficiency.

The ease of choice of expansion design adds to the efficiency of expansion. Owners of SpirInCo buildings will simply go to the SpirInCo website, navigate to the section pertaining to their particular size and style of building (square, hexagonal, pentagonal, octagonal, or otherwise), and look through the many floor plans that are available for their expansion. We can also customize designs to meet individual expansion needs.

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